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Answers and Features!

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 26, 2013, 5:20 PM

Links to Crap!

Journal reply to the asks and the features!
Thanks for the responses on this. I think I may have to do it again sometime. :D
The deviations I'll feature for each person are works that stood out to me. :P

Levidoingthething Levidoingthething Levidoingthething 

:iconkoalois: asks:
What is currently your favorite cosplay to wear, and why?

That's a tough one... since I have some complex costumes that are difficult to wear, I like them better when they are OFF. >D Comfort is key for me I guess. The shingeki uniforms are actually really fun to wear and comfortable, made me feel way more athletic than I actually am... probably something about the belts making you very aware of your muscles cooperating. I also really liked wearing Samurai Deeper Kyo around because it's just a long yukata and you get a nice leg breeze in the summer. >D Also, Pit! Because it was also super comfortable and I felt like an agile child with wings wearing it.

Kuroshitsuji - Lelele by KoaloisPMMM - Baby Steps by KoaloisFFVII: Crisis Core - Far Off Lands by Koalois

:iconbalthierflare: asks:
Is there a certain piece of a costume that you spent a lot of time/ care on that you are especially proud of? If so, what is it?

Yes! A few come to mind... a lot of the time I feel like I rush things, so when I actually don't I get pretty impressed with myself, lmao. I spent a lot of time doing the stupid gold details on Pit, the shoulders on Ryuuhou, the arrows and sword for Ashitaka, the pattern for my Shingeki no Kyojin jacket, and the sword for Van Fanel! So, I was pretty happy with those. :D

Out of the Mist... by BalthierFlareLink and The Noble Cat. by BalthierFlareOdin's Witch. by BalthierFlare

:iconeveillecosplay: asks:
Do you have an absolute favorite costume that you've made thus far and why?

Also a tough one! I'm really happy with how my Scryed (Ryuuhou) cosplay turned out recently because that's actually the third time I remade the costume. Definitely want to wear that one more... also, Pit, because I started making it like 5 years ago and finally busted it back out and finished it. And Eliwood, because I feel good about the details on it and it mostly just makes me want to do a million more Fire Emblem costumes. :D

Fushigi Yuugi - Funny Faces by EveilleCosplaySailor Moon - Scout of Thunder by EveilleCosplayIn The Shadows - Magic Knight Rayearth by EveilleCosplay

:iconpaxingcai: asks:
Favorite historical war?

But there's so many to choose from. >D Sekigahara would definitely be one, one of those culminations of crazy warlords that was so inevitable it's baffling it didn't happen sooner... so chalk full of notable figures they're practically celebrities in popular fiction now. Also some of my favorite daimyo were there. :D
Also Actium, because Octavius got Mark Antony-ed and still won. Which reminds me of Pyrrhus and Asculum because... that's just classic "well I won but this sucks." Also William Wallace. :D

Captain Varrot by PaXingCaiWelcome to Gensokyo by PaXingCaiGraveryl by PaXingCai

:icontokidoki-loki: asks:
Is there any particular costume that you would like to remake now that you're older and feel like your skills have improved?

That's the magic question. ;) Some of my first cosplays were characters I just thought were awesome and I still think are awesome so every now and then I think, "yeah, I should remake that... I could pull that off way better now. My badassery has only increased."
 Ky Kiske from Guilty Gear, Joachim Armster from Castlevania, Link (any Link), Lezard from VP, uhh.... Fenris from Dragon Age, Adol from Ys.

No looking back! by tokidoki-lokiI'll Always be with you! by tokidoki-lokiThe Duty of the Valkyrie by tokidoki-loki

:iconwhiskeypeak: asks:
How do you choose which costumes you want to do?  Also, any tips for organizing successful group cosplays?  You've done more than a few really amazing groups!

Thanks! Usually the main thing is, it has to be a series that I think, "THIS IS AWESOME" about, or there has to be a character that I think, "Welp that guy is awesome" about. I've been pretty lucky to have friends who share similar taste in anime which really facilitates group-having... we're pretty gung-ho about older anime, so a lot of our past and upcoming plans have been of the old school variety. It's also good to have a pretty flexible group, since sometimes we do costumes from one person's favorite anime or game, and then another time costumes from the next person's favorite... always leaving room for people do to their own solo projects, too. I think it all evens out pretty well.

Spice + Wolf: Apple Eyes by whiskeypeakUtena: One More Son by whiskeypeakOne Piece: Mr. Sandman by whiskeypeak

:iconanaei: asks:
What is your favorite genre of manga?

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I tend towards shonen or adventure manga for the most part. I really liked Bastard!! and Bleach (for a while)... really like Attack on Titan now and Samurai Deeper Kyo now has to be one of my favorites. That and... I really like Iketeru Futari. Which is not really shonen so much as ecchi, I guess. It's too ridiculous and I love Akira. :D I was lucky enough to find a whole bunch of it in used book stores in Japan so now I own that craziness... and the shopkeeper was probably like "why are you buying this you crazy American it's from like 1990 they have pagers in this story for Chrissake."

Parfet Balblair - Vandread by AnaeiGoemon's Great Photo Project by AnaeiPai - 3x3 Eyes by Anaei

whiskeypeak Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2014
This is totally a late response, but thank you for answering my questions!  It's awesome that you have friends who want to do costumes from more classic series.  
august-fehrmont Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Welcome and sorry for MY late response! >D >D
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